Indian Engineer looses his life in Kansas

Today an Indian engineer lost his life due to hate crime. This hurts a lot because a lot of us are of Indian origin. Each innocent life lost is a drag on the democracy and increases fear.

We need an open discussion on how the immigration policy should be. If we avoid this discussion, then we heighten the fear and hate in the minds of people.

What should constitute an immigration? How to balance the rights of citizens and immigrants?

Immigrants come in all shapes and forms -

  • Skilled immigrants in short supply.
  • Useful immigrants who have skills that are useful.
  • Refugees who can be immediately useful
  • Refugees who may not be as useful and a drag on social services.
  • People with bad intentions, the terrorists/criminals/drug dealers coming in.

There will be different and more categories. Someone may choose to categorize things differently. The point is we need an open discussion about this in the society.

Europe has learned the hard way that not all immigration can lead to growth in economy. France learnt this the hard way. Germany has learnt this harder.

Once you determine any categorization, how do we screen people effectively to insure that bad people do not come in. A related question is how should the country deal when there is radicalization happening inside the country.

Unless a society can discuss this openly, we are doomed. A suppressed discussion is what gets people’s emotions boiled. This is what produces the acts of violence and innocent — well deserving people loose their lives.

All people who want to shut down these discussion by clubbing everything in same bucket are the enablers of hetrate and such acts.

When there are debates and discussions you start seeing where all sides of the issues are explored, the society becomes stronger. Having open discussion is the need of the day.