Getting Started with ThreadAI within 5 Minutes

Thanks for choosing ThreadAI.

Let’s get you set-up so you can discover what deep analytics can do for your space!

You’ll need:

Step 1: Finding your User ID

Go to and navigate to and navigate to the sensors page.

Step 2: Setting up your Sensor

Plug in your sensor to the wall.

(Make sure it’s in an area that won’t be disturbed or disturb customers)

It should look like this 👆

Search for Wifi Name “ThreadAI-XXXXX” on your mobile device and connect.

Wait a for theConfiguration Portal to appear.

Select Configure Wifi

If for some reason the device wasn’t able to connect. It will go back to set up mode and you’ll be able to connect to the AP again.

Find your Wifi Name and select it. Then add your password.

Enter your User ID and Zone Name.

Zone Name: Name of the sensor as it will appear on your dashboard.

Press Connect and ta-da! You’re in.

If the sensor didn’t connect to the Wifi it will restart and go back into Configuration Portal mode.

Note: It will take around 10 minutes to send and generate data on the dashboard. Until then you may not see the sensor appear on the Sensor page.

Step 4: Verify the sensor is “active”

If the sensor connected to the Wifi and is able to collect information. Then you’ll see a new line in the sensor page.

The sensor is active.

Step 5: Wait for the data to populate.

As the day goes by you’ll start seeing data appear on your dashboard. Once the system has enough you’ll begin getting daily/weekly reports (depending on what your notification settings are).