Parallel Universe Collectors

Welcome, Parallel Universe Collectors.

I am your guide, John Doe.

We introduce to you, the Parallel Universe Collectors, the dimensions in the nested state.

Collecting dimensions nesting within one another and deciding on their status are very interesting.

Of course, there will be costs in the process.

But please consider that depending on your decisions the dimensions can expand infinitely in the nested state, or can be assimilated into another on the basis of another.

We wish to support our Collectors to get your own dimension.

What is PUC?

The Parallel Universe Collector is a Solana-based NFT aimed at expansion of eight universes — Cthulhu/ Trader/ Ghost/ Soldier/ Mad Scientist/ Sci-Fi/ Steampunk/ Druid. Each of the eight universes has its own characteristics. The intersections of Parallel Universes created mixtures of many dimensions and we observed 8,888 unstable dimensions. You are able to get dimensions that can expand infinitely in the nested state depending on your decisions.

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Parallel Universe Collector

Parallel Universe Collector


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