We introduce the Parallel Universe Collectors.

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen.

We are a… form of company that manages pieces of unstable dimension on the intersections of Parallel Universes.

If you are reading this, it will most likely be your first time in business with us.

We have prepared this meeting as we feel you will need additional explanations.

We wonder if you know of the Butterfly Effect?

“Can the flutterings of a butterfly in Brazil affect the atmosphere, amplify over time and cause a tornado in Texas?”

Normally this is a sentence commonly quoted to explain the Chaos Theory. However, this can actually happen in unstable parallel dimensions!

The difference might be in that even a single movement of the antennae can split or destroy universe.

As such, these universes are unstable, fragile and full of Chaos.

You probably already know that the existing dimensions can infinitely split into countless dimensions from individual choices.

It’s inevitable that there will be a place to deal with problems as countless dimensions split on the %&# axis.

These unstable dimensions were to be isolated, but we secretly got 8,888 Dimensional Pieces for special collectors

You will be able to purchase the randomly prepared Dimensional Pieces, and can own those dimensions.

What is PUC?

The Parallel Universe Collector is a Solana-based NFT aimed at expansion of eight universes — Cthulhu/ Trader/ Ghost/ Soldier/ Mad Scientist/ Sci-Fi/ Steampunk/ Druid. Each of the eight universes has its own characteristics. The intersections of Parallel Universes created mixtures of many dimensions and we observed 8,888 unstable dimensions. You are able to get dimensions that can expand infinitely in the nested state depending on your decisions.

Join us




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Parallel Universe Collector

Parallel Universe Collector


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