Mauritius Road trip- Tips and Advise

We hired self drive car from Ouitaxi Mauritius Rental-car company for 5 days journey covering nearly every hook and nook of the Island of Mauritius. With all the GPS facility and expert tour advisory provided by Ouitaxi team we had arrived in a position to explore this fancy Island.Should you carry any preconceived notions about island roads you’ll certainly reconsider after your holiday. Mauritius has an incredible infrastructure piled up for drivers.
Road Condition

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You’ll find three main kinds of roads you�ll see on the island while looking for most attractions.
1) The Highways — The highways roads usually have multiple lanes, speed limit well over 100 km/hr the roads are very directed with follow sign boards. 
2) Main Roads — Most of the roads falls under main road category, they’re single lane roads using a posted speed limit of 60–80 km/hr. The roads have fine pavement, painted lane dividers, sidewalks etc.. 
3) By-pass Roads — Necessities such as interior roads may also be known as by-pass roads in case you lost the track you could consider the assistance of GPS or locals who are always ready to help don�t worry!!
The overall experience of Driving in Mauritius is straightforward & comfortable rival another destination in world.
Challenges may be very few but here are several..!
First, unlike western country Mauritius driving on the left hand side in the road, therefore it may have some challenge the first time driver but after Half an hour of drive you will end up accustomed and feel quite comfortable because individuals drive slow as well as simple in Mauritius unlike other country they’re not going to panic you.

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Secondly, during the rain roads are bit slippy and visibility is actually a problem it also slow up the speed of other cars too the easiest way is always to on indicator if visibility becomes low.
I’d like to thank the whole group of Ouitaximauritius, Most inexpensive rental-car services in Mauritius for providing quality services during our investigation of this beautiful island.