Analysing the Nonsense Statement: “The top six vitamins you shouldn’t take”
Dr Ross Walker

Although generally I agree with you, I’ve suffered from B6 toxicity and still do to some extent. 25mg is all very well (and very few people even need that much), but it is in so many mixed supplements that intakes can easily exceed 100mg or more. Long term this is too much for some (and there is more research into this than the study you mentioned, but not nearly enough. 
My advice is to not take more than RDI amounts of this vitamin, avoid supplements that contain it as an unasked extra, and if you do benefit from it and need to take more, use PLP (P-5-P) which is a less toxic and more potent form.
If you read the comments on my blog post about this vitamin, you can see that it really is a problem. IMO it’s the only vitamin that really is a problem.

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