I’m Sorry Mr. Zuckerberg, But You Are Wrong
Rick Webb

Mr. Webb, You Are More Wrong

There’s a lot wrong here, most particularly the fact that it doesn’t matter how much wrong content there is if you can’t clearly demonstrate that it is on one side or the other. There’s every reason to think that the fake stories and lies were on both sides, against both Clinton and Trump, which doesn’t imply that it had any effect on the outcome.

Further, the idea that 1% of false news stories is a complete failure means that every news organization is a complete failure. Period. There is not a single news organization, not even the Washington Post or PBS NewsHour or BBC World News, can match that. Every news org gets a significant fact wrong in more than 1 percent of their stories (including every single news story — and there were many — that implied Clinton was exonerated for her mishandling of classified information, for example: we know that never happened).

(And therefore, by the way, it is, absolutely, not “libel” or “lie” to say Hillary is a crook. We know she mishandled classified information, and we have very strong and serious evidence that she was grossly negligent in doing so, which is a crime. While she has not been convicted, “crook” does not require conviction, just that she committed the crime … and there’s excellent reason to believe she did so. While it is not a fact that she is a crook, it is not libel to say that she is. The article is clearly wrong about that, too.)