A different creature

Its been 5 years since I have been drawing ‘The Peck Order’. 
The Peck Order

Twitter (Aug 2011)

Its all started when I saw a very close similarity between human society and animal behaviour. My intent was to voice human fallacies using chicken as characters. Over time I realized that it was very restrictive to just use chicken. So I often expanded to include other animals likes buffaloes, weaver birds, vultures etc to fit the theme. The intent was to take very simple themes from our daily lives and build some humor around it.

Relationships (Oct 2011)

I try to stay away from making political statements but at times i have been compelled to make a caricature when I am really angry. I try to distill my anger and mute it to make a very silent mocking statement.

India Election Victory (Apr 2015)

Over the last few months the events in India have been so disturbing that all I could think of was dogs barking at each other.

Intolerant India! (Nov 2015)

Recently though I came across a street dog who was so friendly that he stole my heart. Humans are not animals. They are a whole different organism.

I recollected Ralph Steadman’s drawing of Richard Nixon and understood the anger that must have fuelled such a work of art.

Nixon by Ralph Steadman (1970)

I believe that Steadman’s later works must have been a product of even more bitterness that he experienced looking at the world around him. I won’t call these characters as ugly because there is no such thing as ugly. But they are a different creature altogether.

Creatures with no conscience.

Creatures with no guilt.

Creatures with an unquenchable thirst for power.

I’ll just draw it!