Grav Labs Glass has proven itself, time and time again, to be the best glass-making company around. Not just around the neighbourhood, but everywhere. The purpose of this article is simple: to provide more information about the options you have when it comes to glass, and why Grav Labs Glass is the choice for you.

Glass? Really? Who would actually write about that? More like, who cares? But hold it! It will interest you to know that without glass there can be no light switch because there is no light bulb. There are also no contact lenses or spectacles to help us. Did you also know that40% of drinking and eating ware (water glasses, plates) in the home costs roughly 10% of the entire household? Now if you have quadruplets running around the house and breaking stuff, maybe you will understand how costly glass can be. Even if cost isn’t the most persistent issue, think about the mess, the loss of an artifact that’s been in your family for generations. The only reason you can look down from your office is that glass has a special relationship with buildings. It has so many properties and uses, but it can (and is) be taken for granted. I bet you feel bad for thinking so negatively about why glass deserves to be written about now, don’t you?

Grav labs is an Austin-based glass manufacturing company which is known for its innovation on the market. The company is adept at adopting and mastering diverse styles: Stax, Turbine, Upline, Helix and the ever consistent and unfailing Grav Labs water pipes. I strongly believe that you will never find such a fine selection of bubblers, and dab rigs like you would with us.(I’m sorry, I was so impressed by the company that I just had to associate myself with them) Glass, in its radiance and beauty, has some properties. With these, we see attractive items and all we want to do is grab them. However, experiments must be conducted in the most deliberately cautious manner. The type of glassware you use goes a long way to determining the safety of your lab and the exactitude of the experiment. Some glasses are not durable, others not chemically resistant, among others. It goes as far as being easily scratched. This upsets the taking of accurate measurements, which goes a long way to affect the outcome.

Now let’s bring this home. Louver blades are made of glass. Tumblers and some top-of-stove cookware are made of glass. Modern center tables are made of glass. You think about it and you realize most beautiful things are made of this fascinating idea of a see-through material which helps with space in a room, beauty in an environment and maturity and class at agathering. One thing you can be assured of from our end is high quality as a result of high-quality control introspection.

For the science folks reading, and teaching medicine, biochemistry, lab science, physics, just to mention a few, I would rather use Grav labs glass and other products than risk it with any other company. If I owned a shop, I would buy in bulk and be absolutely assured of my marketing skills when I get a customer. Here, we deal with fire resistant rubber fittings which are not a feature of most glass blunts.

What Grav Labs Has to Offer

There is a wide range of their supplies. Almost as wide as the Grand Canyon. Most of our stuff comprises of bubblers, vapor, rings, glass pipes and bongs. We live in a world where packaging is of great importance, which is why I must commend these producers for never failing to seize the moment to offer its customers.

1. Promptness

The lab seeks to operate as one of the most reliable companies in Austin. Call and order and they will, with all might and promptness, do our best to deliver past the agreed time Customer service is one quality of theirs you can count on them for. Starting with their free shipping and no tax on certain products, you can sure save money while also getting the best from them.

2. Authenticity

Every person, at some point in their lives, strives for authenticity. GRAV’s scientific glass is very popular, making it an easy target for counterfeit gurus, but none of them can make it as good as them.

Trip Down Original Lane.

How do you know you are buying the right stuff?

1) They don’t sell directly to customer

It is impossible for any ‘GRAV’ representative to sell a product to you online, since GRAV, as part of company policy, does not sell directly to customers. You can only purchase from a GRAV retailer, both online and in stores.

2) GRAV signature

Customers will be informed time and time and againto buy from only genuine retailer shops. If the apparatus does not have GRAVTM quality on it with its functions and support, know you’re in for a probable fake.

3) Prices meet a particular standard

Do not shy away or take two steps when you come across seemingly outrageous prices. Their goods are straight-up superior if I should say as compared to other retailers- thereby their seemingly exorbitant prices. You should know they stand by a principal; buy quality for life, and escape jumping for refunds and repairs. If you come across an expensive piece, the stakes are high at it being a product of theirs.

4) Shipping only comes from Austin

Be alert and awake when ordering from overseas or cross-country. All materials are shipped directly from Austin, Texas. Anyone entity which claims to be a branch of theirs is a fraudulent agent.

5) Outstanding decal

It is rather unfortunate when you’ve already purchased the product only to realize the decal is misspelled and sloppily constructed, made of bad glass welds and not even made out of borosilicate. What do you do? Quickly make the necessary arrangements to get a refund.

6) Stolen advertisements

If you have finally decided to make the best choice of your life by doing business with us, you might want to pay particular attention to the watermark photo and a different website, you should assume they are counterfeit goods. Other pointers may be the fact that GRAV includes functionally matched accessories in every piece. If this is not present, you might have just gotten the wrong product.

Why be a friend of authentic Grav?

Their friendships are not one-sided. Grav has been running and flourishing for 12 years, trying to finally get people what they have been asking all this time. If there is a more serious company, they are definitely the one. They don’t joke with their customers. Drollery stops when you open their doors (but they try not to keep things too serious at the workplace either). With their rising sureness, they stand behind everything they sell. Buying authentic GRAV from their authorized retailers does not only bring proceeds to us, but to different people of various different racial backgrounds.

Do you want to know why after the all the running around trying to look for better options you are going to end with Grav labs glass? It is because they are a company ahead of its time. They don’t have competitors since without competition there can be no competitors. Don’t think so much or look so far. Get one of their green branded frosted spoons or any material you might need and henceforth I could bet you will be speaking with as much confidence as I am.

Go for the best, go for Grav lab glass. Support innovation, reject forgery. Buy authentic Grav material, and do well to report any suspected counterfeit to: trade mark [at]