Apple just told the world it has no idea who the Mac is for
Owen Williams

I’m scared of computers again. When I finally traded in my various frustrating PC’s in 2008, I was charmed by the MacBook Pro. Not only the machine but the offer of as many classes with creatives as I could schedule in a year. That definitely sealed the deal. So I went to my private classes and learned how to use my awesome machine.

Then it started: The beach balls and the battery issues. No problem, I’ll start looking for a new MBP. Only thing was they really weren’t anything new or exciting so I checked around and decided that since my 2008 could be fully opened and things replaced the Mac repair guy said “Keep it, I can put a new solid state hard drive and a bunch of RAM and fresh battery and it’ll run well until you find something else you like” Now it seems there isn’t anything new to like. They (Apple)drop favored programs like Aperture so I have the headache of moving all my photos to Lightroom. I never do updates anymore because I don’t know if it will affect something old I’m still running. I’ve said for the past couple of years that Apple is becoming more like Windows with it’s operating systems. Get dupes to download buggy systems that make your computer an enemy. I’m no techie type. I just learn how to use it as I go. And I don’t really want gimmicks or to relearn the so called “new innovations” either. This is how a lot of people feel. Apple is losing (has lost) it’s charm so unbelievably I am considering a PC again. Nice article. It articulates my feelings about Apple/Mac very well.

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