Why wait for others, when we can change the world ourselves?

The real mantra

Humans are discontented creatures. We are discontented with every single thing around us. We are unsatisfied of our salary, our home, our lifestyle, our clothes and so on. Yet, we do not make a single attempt to solve the problems. We hope & we pray for a change to come, on its own. As if, the solution to the problems will be given by an angel. We dream of a nation which would be clean and green, but do we take the stepping stone to change the world? NO. Why? No one knows. We only criticise the present situation and hope for an amazing future. Why do we wait for others to take the step?

Let us take the responsibility to change the world, a small step can become a large one if we try hard. Just waiting would not help

We just have to start with a small move, just changing our laidback attitude. We have magic wands in our hands but we do not realise it. The wands grow shorter with age and when we are at the end of our lives we reproach ourselves for doing……NOTHING.

So a small step, that’s what we need.