instagram captions & cloudy skies.

i posted a short video on instagram

of the sky before a storm.

you can just make out the soft orange of the sun

tucked away behind the heavy weight of the angry clouds.

and i captioned it:

“i don’t even know myself, so who could know me?”

because the sky, i realized, reminded me a lot of my current situation.

i am as bright as the sun, warm & happy,

but lately my own set of dark clouds have been shrouding my mind.

you can just barely make out glimpses of myself beneath it all, sometimes.

but those clouds, that darkness — it’s all beginning to mix in with my light,

creating a confusing and sloppy mess of happy and sad, light and dark, strong and weak.

i don’t know who i am anymore,

i am a stranger to myself.

and nothing captured it better

than the sky moments before a storm.