untitled #6

another teenager whining about how society sucks.

i’m losing sight of it

my dreams, my goals, my identity

swirling down the drain

slipping through my fingers like sand

society, adults, even loved ones

pounding on me with a hammer

trying to shape me into what i’m

“supposed to be”

but what you want from me isn’t me

it’s fake

and i can’t stand the taste of all your pleasantries in my mouth

it’s all bullshit, utter bullshit

i come from a generation that preaches:


even if others don’t like it

do whatever you want,

and screw what anyone else thinks

& here i am, a senior in high school

and i finally think i’ve got it figured out:

i know who i am, i’ve got myself pinned down

but i’m being forced to enter a world

with an older generation

that doesn’t think like i do

that values sugar coating over honesty

i want to be raw, untamed, wild, & real

but this world is constricting me, saying

hold your tongue, child;

only speak if the words are kind.

fuck your kindness

fuck your professionalism

each word you speak is dripping in fakeness

a kind of un-truth that makes

the blood in my veins boil with anger

you don’t know a goddamn thing

about me

or about anyone

i refuse to live by your rules

i refuse to conform

i will be unapologetically myself

even if it means you all sigh with relief

as my body is lowered into the grave

if you can’t handle the weight

of my generation

of a people who accept

who embrace differences

who are loud and sometimes scary

then step aside.

muzzle us, de-claw us, whatever

but you cannot stamp out

the spirit, the energy inside

i hope to see the day where everyone

is real and tangible

not just a projection of who they

should be

or who they want to be

but who they really are,

and what they really think

i hope to see a day where we truly have

freedom of speech

where nothing needs to be censored

you can’t censor life

you can’t cover up the parts you don’t like

so do not try to do the same

with human beings.

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