A PC replacement? Not really.

After a week with Tim Cook’s so-called PC Replacement. The iPad Pro hasn’t yet replaced my PC. Comparing the standard iPad to the iPad Pro, I don’t see any difference. It got the same iOS, same apps.

Just faster, bigger, louder doesn’t mean that you can do more than the existing iPad Air could already done.

Except for some art illustrators, who’ll definitely enjoy the beautifully crafted Apple Pencil. This thing could replace your canvas and all the brushes, but not your PC.

For professional content creation, iOS apps still can’t deliver. Take Photoshop for example, you still cannot work with your desktop PSD with all the layers, all the different type styles. Pixelmator is one of the more capable app, but it still doesn’t got that file importing/exporting efficient that I could achieve using desktop apps.

Documents editor like Microsoft Word is severely limited in terms of real world functionality. Word doesn’t support documents that embed fonts in the .doc file, so you have to use a tool to generate font profile and install it first into iOS. And how do I export these documents to PDF?

Even Acrobat could not create PDF files internally without sending your documents to the server, needing a Acrobat Document Cloud (or whatever that is) subscription.

What you will do now on the iPad Pro that is differ from the other iPad, is to enjoy ProCreate and another drawing app that supports the Pencil.

I’ll wait a few years to see if iOS app could finally be comparable to the desktop app.

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