One single port, and a butterfly keyboard.

There’s a time where the world use a mechanical keyboard, a very high rise key and a loud typing sound.

A few recent years I went back to the mechanical keyboard from the chiclet type I’ve been using since my Vaio days in 2007.

I tried to like it, I didn’t really like it.

The key is basically too high, I can’t always slide my fingers to other key without getting caught by the edge of the adjacent keys..

Well.. because I got too familiar with the shallow chiclet style keyboard where I can slide my finger around while typing without having to lift up fingers so high it won’t get caught by other keys.

I ended up selling the $150 Razer Blackwidow. And got back to the overpriced Apple Wireless Keyboard, I love the shallow key, and I kinda type faster with them.

Along came the MacBook butterfly keyboard.

Almost all of the reviews on the internet hate this new butterfly keyboard. (Well, they said they ‘didn’t love the keyboard’)

And I thought I would hate it too, but turned out I didn’t, and strangely I kinda like it.

The key is shallower than any “real” keyboard I’ve ever typed on (minus those on smartphones and tablets), it gives me a really good feedback.

The clicky sound it makes is solid, it’s like a single staccato note from each key you strike, which is very satisfying.

Each different key size sounds majorly different than any other keyboard I’ve used, where you can only tell the difference between the spacebar and the other key.

This butterfly keyboard feels like the key has been designed to sound different. Delete sounded different, The top function row sounded different, the character key sounded different, the return sounded different, the shift sounded different.

This kinda keyboard is one of among other things where you can say “You either love it or hate it.”

For me I think I love it.

By the way, have you ever tried typing on that fabric Surface keyboard cover? It’s horrible. That’s the one I hate.