Corporate Moan & Groan

Insecurities of Insecure people

Imagine a “Bullock Cart” (Team) pulled by the “Oxen” (Manager) having two wheels — former one represents “Insecure” members in a team and later represents “Confident” members in a team. The Oxen carries the cart with the rope. The whole synergy of the cart depends on how well everything is balanced.

Insecure wheel comes off FAKE because they hide flaws, they stay in their comfort zone, judgemental, stays stuck in old ways of doing work, negative thinkers, do gossips, closed minded, negative thinkers, dislikes people and worries what others may think. Basically they are ‘Scarcity Mindset Takers’ who stands on the thin ice and hanged with a thread who are afraid to fall anytime due to lack of knowledge.

Confident wheel takes responsibility for thoughts, actions and results, positive thinkers, open minded, smart workers, not afraid to show flaws, admits mistakes and rectify it, risk takers, loves to learn and grow, make decisions quickly and operates on principles. Basically, they are ‘Abundance Mindset Giver’ who stands for themselves as well as for the team and are not afraid of falling because they are confident enough that even if there is a vulnerability to fall, they will keep moving with a grace.

In the corporate world, increasing no. of “Insecure” people making the former wheel bigger in size while the later wheel remains comparatively smaller due to lack of “Confident” people impacting the overall synergy of the Bullock Cart. Bigger the former wheel size, difficult for the oxen to carry due to imbalance between the wheels as well as the rope. However, the irony is the “Oxen” itself is working under the influence of the “Insecure” people since their quantity is higher and we have a habit of running in a crowd.

Being the “Oxen” working under the influence of the former wheel results into:

· Poor Relationship with managers;

· Bored and unchallenged by the work itself;

· Unhealthy relationships with co-workers;

· Opportunities to use their skills and abilities;

· Unfriendly work environment;

· Lack of motivation among st employees towards work;

· Insufficient resource utilization;

· Dissatisfaction;

· Low retention rate

Well, we all have grown up dealing with insecured people not only at work place but everywhere school, colleges and also at personal space. To deal with such people at workplace, I would suggest below measures :

· Act peacefully : Remember they are the ones who make themselves feel bigger by running people down. Don’t share your personal life, because they add spices which may turn in to rumors leading to question the wisdom of continuing your employment.

· Stay Disconnect : Don’t involve when an insecure colleague addresses you and begin to tell you about the latest rumor in office. Tell them you are busy with the work load and pretend as if you don’t have time to gossip with them as this would not offend them. So, be calm and handle with a smile — remember assertive communication always helps you to deal with such people.

· Focus on Knowledge : keep your focus in learning and growing because knowledge is the only tool with which you will succeed and let people realize your value without offending anyone at the work place.

· Keep a Track of their Shallowness : remember fact speaks louder than anything else. Always back up yourself with facts to back up your arguments in case of extreme situations. If you could prove that their insecure behavior is disruptive and costly, a good boss will always take an action.

If you understand that the image projected by the Insecure is often coming from their own deep-seated fears of inadequacy, you might start to feel better about yourself and your ability to deal with the situation. To sum up, I would like to say just beware of this hypocrisy at work place — identify it before it’s too late and make constant efforts to stimulate the speed of the cart as “you” are the one who possess the knowledge of making things happen smartly and exclusively.
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