Parade the Circle 2018: A Photo Story

I moved into a renovated Victorian house on Ashbury avenue in Cleveland at the peak of winter this year. Through my attic room window I would survey the pristine white landscape and yearn for summer. After dragging its feet through March and much of April, spring finally arrived.

With it came Parade the Circle, an annual event celebrating artmaking in the community. I walked to the tent where the artists were preparing for the parade almost everyday a week before the event. It was cathartic to watch the various artistic and visual elements come together. “University Circle is beautiful in spring and summer,” my uncle who has been living in Cleveland for more than two decades tells me frequently. I eagerly look forward to summer.

Author and filmmaker Konnie Peroune makes a puppet of Esperanza Mae Windborne, the protagonist of the book “The Escapentures of Esperanza Mae Windborne: I want a dog”
Putting together Marie Antoinette and her friends
The Balinese dancers eyeing each other
“This head is very heavy.”
Andrea Litvin, an independent artist, made a gargoyle costume for the parade. Her daughter and son took turns donning the costume at the parade
“I can’t wait for the parade!” said the puppy to itself.

This whale was made from plastic bags to draw attention to the 600,000 square mile Great Pacific garbage patch
Wakanda Forever!
What a cute “scary” gargoyle! Andrea Litvin and her daughter at the parade