Bali: A Travel Guide for You

Bali is the famed and most visited island destination in the Indonesia archipelago. White sand beaches, turquoise blue waters, coral reefs, volcanic mountains, and terraced paddy fields give the island its sheer beauty. Add to that, beautiful countryside, good foods at amazing prices, and friendly locals. In other words, Bali is a complete package for travelers who look forward to a travel experience of a lifetime. If you are visiting the island nation for the first time, go through this guide to make the most of your Bali tour.

Climatic Conditions

Bali has a tropical climate; so brace up for warmer climes. It remains hot and humid most part of the year, but nature showers it with abundant rains. Remember to pack enough loose-fitting cotton clothes, slip-on shoes, and flip-flops for your stay on the island.

Transport Facilities

Getting around Bali is hassle-free. There is plenty of transportations on the island. Holiday-makers on Bali tour packages can walk on foot in the town, rent a motorcycle, or take a ride in a bemo, the ubiquitous and cheap minibus. There are taxis and rental cars as well that visitors can hail any time of the day.


The Balinese people are known for their rich religious ceremonies, rituals, and festivals. Everyone from young to the aged takes part in these celebrations, all decked up in their traditional costumes. You’ll find thousands of ancient temples in Bali. Travelers get to learn a lot about the island’s culture without much effort.

Popular Activities

Hiking on the mountains, surfing, yoga sessions, temple visits, shopping at handicraft markets, and safari are few of the popular activities that generally engage travelers in Bali. Travelers can take the services of professional local guides for guided tours of the major Bali tourist attractions. This will enrich your holiday in Bali and make it more meaningful.

Money-Saving Tips

If you’re a budget traveler, you’d obviously want to keep your travel expenses within certain limits. You can do that with Bali tour packages in a number of ways. For instance, you may eat local cuisines in small eateries instead of big hotels. Take Uber cab rides, which are way cheaper than taxi services. Choose share or pooling option for further cost-saving. Also, spend more time in the north and northeastern part of the island rather than the southern side as the latter is more expensive. Travelers usually find better deals in the north as far as accommodation is concerned.

Take Bali Tour from India!

Hope the above tips on Bali familiarize you with the island well before you actually visit it. A fair knowledge of the land in advance will make your visit less chaotic and upsetting. That way, you will know where to go and what to do as soon as you land in Bali. Take Bali tour package from Ahmedabad or Mumbai, go on a Bali group tour, or buy a Bali honeymoon tour package; the choice is vast and clearly yours. Be ready to fall in love with this mesmerizing island nation.