Kerela- A Perfect Destination To Soothe One’S Soul

Kerala well known as ‘God’s own country, has a lot to offer to its tourists. Travelling to Kerala is as easy and as rewarding as a glide through its backwaters. Here are the places that you must include on your Kerala tour package which will give you a brief highlight from coconut palm-lined coasts to the elephant and tiger reserves.


Kovallam is adorned with quiet fishing beach and a clifftop palace built to while away the monsoon and beautiful long paths run through palm-tree and groves to guesthouses, beachfront restaurants that serve up the morning haul and beach umbrella vendors offer shade and comforting lounge chairs.

The Hawa Beach which is near the candy-stripe lighthouse on the headland is liveliest and happening. You will see little boys slurp ice lollies from the ice-cream rickshaw and toddlers sitting in their underwear at the water’s edge and cute teenage girls dressed in salwar kameezes -holding hands in the water shrieking and giggling with every wave. Kovallam is a must visit while you plan your Kerala tour package.


Your Kerala tour package is incomplete without the experience of ecstasy as you enjoy a calm and soothing night, as the joints in the rice barge houseboat’s bamboo frame- creak with the current and a bundle of stars shine on the upper deck. Once in a while the waves lap a little swifter on the side of the boat when fishermen in a dugout canoe pass by. Keralans have never used these rice barges as houseboats and much less those with luxury bedrooms and your personal chefs.

The traditional barges known as kettuvallams were originally built to bring rice and spices to Kochi via 560 miles of dense interconnected backwater rivers, lagoons and canals. Roads made them obsolete, but travellers later realised that they were actually enjoying the ride.

A lot has changed here, but you will see traditionalism when you watch the women still wash dishes and do laundry by the water’s edge and men- anchor small boats and dive for mussels. The ‘toddy tappers’ glide along side the water early every morning to the palm trees along to the shore, which they milk and is used to make Kerala’s most favourite traditional drink called: palm wine.


In Munnar, the gorgeous palm trees, the sunny paddy fields and calm flowing waters of Kerala’s plains that add to the rushing waterfalls, mountain forests and the romantic weather. The overlapping hills of the tea plantations, which look like they to go on forever, are covered in an dazzling electric-green carpet of many bushes that look like fluffy clouds.

Munnar produces about 10 % of the country’s tea which is often served black which has a subtle and nuanced flavor. The British people made this area a summer retreat and later recognised its suitability for tea production due to its weather conditions, elevation and terrain. Along with the Tamil workers, the British paved through the forest to plant tea crops and lay a mountain rail line.


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