A gloomy day

When nothing goes right…

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I told myself:

Dear self, today you will shine…

But I didn’t. It’s just 8 am in the morning and I’ve already got the instincts that it’s not my day today.

I don’t know, maybe, I am just being moody for no cause.

I hate those days where you don’t know why but you just feel sad.

You just woke up late and you are still sleepy and tired.

And that’s where the chain of gloomy ones start. A somewhat tiring and sour breakfast. You are alone and feel bad about everything. You loath about everything around you. People you know, your colleagues, not having a job, not having good grades.

You start thinking and hate your thoughts. Then you hate yourself for thinking, for not doing enough, not trying hard, not having a relationship, not having many friends, not telling her how you feel, not telling her anything, heck not waking up early, not enjoying breakfast and then you just hate your life. And you hate more. You feel insane, lost and alone.

Sometimes life just sucks the jelly right out of your donuts.

It not my day today. I will try to make the most out of it but I know it’s not my day today.

But then life is what it is.

There is always tomorrow. New day, new hope.

Everyone has their gloomy days. I am having one right now. And, I’ll let it go for today, let it sink in.

Tomorrow holds such better days!!!!

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