Ayush Homam — The Puja to Increase your Child’s Lifespan

Want to perform a puja for the well being and good health of your child and increase the lifespan of your child? Then arrange for ayush homam at your home.

The word ‘Ayush’ means age and anyone who wishes for a long life can perform the puja named as ‘ayush homam’. This ritual is meant to increase a person’s lifespan by lowering the health disorders. This puja is performed mainly to improve the health condition by lowering down the health ailments to a great extent. The primary objective of this puja is to get blessed by the Ayur Devata, who is the God of life. If this homam is performed at home, a healthy and a long life will be ensured by the Lord.

Benefits of Ayush Homam:-

To get blessed with a healthier and a longer life especially of the children in your home.
This ritual is meant to eliminate every kind of health risk completely.
This puja is mainly performed to prevent the karmic issues and the other health problems from a child’s life.
This homam paves the path to cure every major health disease and to eradicate the obstacles that come on the way to a healthier life.
It opens up different ways of lowering the ill effects of the planets to reduce the chances of any accident, health threat, or any injury.
This ritual is also performed to clear the negative impact of the previous birth that in turn helps to lead a healthier life.
Even those who all desire to get relief from any mental problem can arrange for this puja or homam at home.
The child for whom the ritual is performed gets a positive effect in his or her mind, body, and soul.

When Should One Arrange or Plan to Perform Ayush Homam at Home?

Ayush homam can be performed on any auspicious day but if it is specifically for a person then it should be performed on the birthday of him or her. The day should be the birthday of that person based on the position of the plants and the stars. The pandits or the astrologers can help in this matter. This puja can also be performed when the birth chart of a child is prepared. And if the devotee thinks that it is difficult to buy the items required for this puja then it is absolutely wrong as the online puja store is there to offer each and every samagri for performing ayush homam with perfection at home. One can also book pandit online from here to get the best consultation for performing the puja. These pandits have years of experience in the same field. The mantras uttered by them while performing the puja adds extra power to the entire vidhi. The powerful mantras are the witnesses to get the optimum results. One can buy these items either from the online store or from the franchise stores of this online portal as it also offers these pious products to the franchisees to enhance their business.

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