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Pandit Ji in CA conducts religious Hindu Pujas to let Hindu community living in California CA Bay Area, USA appreciate a happy, prosperous and blissful life.

Hindu Priests in USA are also identified as Pandits or Purohits and they are the instigating factors why normal individuals of Hindu religion in USA can be able to indulge in devotion, and spiritual path. Hindu priests in USA are well experienced and domain experts that make them have the deep interest and great knowledge about Indian culture, traditions and Vedic rituals.

They are available to provide online and offline Hindu Puja Services in USA with a believe that Hindu religion and Vedic rituals are interrelated and those can be approached in a highly spiritual, well-organized and authentic manner via Vedic Pujas. Providing accommodating Puja services in Sunnyvale, California as per one’s comfort has been the primary features of Hindu Priests in USA and they effortlessly blend Puja schedules according to one’s hectic schedules, but the main point to pay heed upon is- they do all this without compromising on the accuracy of Vedic Hindu Pujas is USA.

Hindu Priests in USA are well trained to conduct Pujas for different traditional and religious events such as weddings, home Healing, Remedial Pujas, the sacred thread ceremony puja, special deity ceremonies, etc. Priests in USA are called upon to conduct Vedic rituals either at the desired location or at the temple, and in both the cases absolute precision in conduction of Vedic rituals is ensured.

As a qualified Hindu Priests in USA, they know all the required chants for particular Puja fluently in Sanskrit and in addition, they also explain the meaning of those Sanskrit Chants in English & Hindi, so that the audience experiencing the holy rituals can also understand the real meaning and significance of all the chants.

Different kinds of Hindu Religious Pujas conducted by Hindu Priests in Sunnyvale, California are-

Vedic Puja For Kids and newborns suggested by Hindu Priests in Sunnyvale, USA:

· Naming Ceremony

· First Food Eating Ceremony

· Mundan Ceremony

· Birthday Ceremony

· Thread wearing Ceremony (along with Grahmakh)

· Samavartan Vidhi

· Dattak Vidhi, and all kinds of Sansakara Pujas

Puja for Future Brides and Grooms by Pandit Ji in USA:

· Wedding Ceremony

· Engagement Ceremony

· Navagraha Shanti OR Grahamakh

Vedic Pujas For senior citizens advised by Hindu Priests in Sunnyvale:

· Shanti Puja at the age 60 years, 75 years, 80 years, 90 years, 100 years

· Shanti Puja after a grand-daughter or grandson is born

· Remedial Pujas for Health

Other Poojas and Shanti offered by Hindu Priests in CA:

· Satyanarayan Pooja (with or without Havan)

· Udakshanti

· Vastushanti

· Sahastravartan

· Laghurudra

· Navachandi

· Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja

· Kalsarp Shanti

· Grahashanti

Shraaddha Puja Conducted by Hindu Priests in USA:

· Hiranya-shraddha

· Sapindak-shraddha

· Last rites

· Antyeshtavidhi

Hindu Priest in CA for Pitrudosha Puja:

· Narayan Naagbali

· Tripindi Shraaddha

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