Friday (23rd): Mind map.

Saturday (24th): Game night.

Sunday (25th): Silly idea generation.

Do Something Fun:

Saturday: Craft night with some friends

Since most of my friends attend other universities, getting all of us together is quite difficult. I decided to text my 4 best friends to see who was free to meet up this weekend. Luckily two of them were available, so we headed to Michael’s to get some crafting supplies. We decided to bead some friendship bracelets. Picking out the beads took awhile, eventually with us deciding to go with elephants (for longevity and intelligence) and earth tone spacer beads.

Made some friendship bracelets with 2 of my friends

Sunday: Pumpkin decorating

My second activity for the weekend was to head back to Michael’s (where I work) and craft something completely new. I decided to participate in the “Great Pumpkin Event,” where you cut open a fake pumpkin and fill it with artificial flowers. Being able to see some of my favorite coworkers that I don’t see much anymore because of school was really fun.

Great Pumpkin Event at Michael’s in the Quarry

Mind Map (Digitization):

While I was mind mapping, I separated it into four main categories I could think of when dealing with Health and Wellness: physical, mental, social, and food. Overall the three human based categories (physical, mental, and social) connected back to each other with almost every new node. Food was a category I didn’t focus on much, which I didn’t do purposefully. I found that I was able to come up with more nodes for the other categories, which shows my passions for the other subjects.

After the 45–60 minutes of mind mapping, I decided on three main focuses having to deal with health and wellness as listed below.

Mind map for Health & Wellness

Suggested Themes:

Service Animals and how they help their humans

“Pokemon Go” and how it has helped people socialize online, offline

Playground games: how kids socialize around the world

10 Silly Ideas:

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