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Feb 24 · 4 min read

pukkamex is setting the standard for the exchange of the future and we need your help to make this happen.

Here at pukkamex we realize that our interests align with the interests of our traders, we have thus created an exchange that gives back to the community; among our numerous advantages we share 25% of our revenue with you, our users! You help generate this revenue and we believe that its only fair that you get a piece of this pie.

All you have to do is hold your PUX tokens in your wallet and our smart contract will take care of the rest; 25% of gross revenue from trading and listing fees will be distributed every Sunday 12pm GMT via smart contract.

Because we believe in the power of the community, we are taking this a step further and running multiple promotions; a referral program and a raffle to win multiple prizes. Get started now by clicking here.


Lets make one thing clear early on, you are not required to pay any money or make any sales or even to own any crypto. Everyone can benefit from our referral program.

At pukkamex we like to cut to the chase; so let’s do just that; you will get 50 PUX as soon as you sign up. Additionally, you also get 100 PUX for every referral you make, these are given on the spot. At the end of the referral program come July, we are distributing 1 million PUX to everyone who signed up, the more referrals you made the bigger your share. Read on for details.

With pukkamex you are a guaranteed winner; each account registered before launch will be eligible for early access in addition to 2 weeks of ZERO FEE trading! We will also airdrop PUX tokens to your wallet.

As soon as you signup you will be awarded with 50 PUX tokens, these are immediately viewable in your dashboard. We will also generate your unique referral link, share this with your social network; for every signup you will be rewarded with 100 PUX tokens on the spot! And best of all it does not end here! Read on…

pukkamex is an exchange built by the community for the community; we have created a referral platform to help you leverage the power of the community 100x.

In addition to the rewards above, we will be airdropping 1,000,000 (yeah that’s right 1 MILLION!) PUX tokens to our early signups and every last token must go; that means, that even if we receive 1 signup, the 1 million PUX will be airdropped to that user!

To receive your tokens all you need to do is register now and login to your account upon launch, no trading is required. Tokens will be airdropped 1 week after launch!

But that’s not all, you can still make use of your unique referral link, the more you share the better you are rewarded; for every successful referral you make you will receive a multiplier on the amount of tokens that you will receive (in addition to the 100 tokens mentioned earlier!).

For simplicity lets assume we have 10 signups, 5 of which have been referred by Sam; instead of distributing the tokens equally at 10% each, Sam will receive 60% of the tokens, the remaining 40% will be distributed equally amongst the 9 other signups.

It is extremely rewarding to refer people so get sharing right away! But it doesn’t stop here, want to win an Audi A6 in addition to 10s of thousands of dollars’ worth of prizes? Then read on!


You guessed it, we saved best to last! When you register an account with us, through the referral platform, your account will be eligible for the raffle.

All you will need to do is login to pukkamex when we launch August 2019 and execute a trade of 1 USD minimum and you will automatically enter the draw to win valuable prizes.

For each 1 USD of trading volume you will earn an extra ticket, it goes without saying that the more volume you contribute the more your chances of winning. Only early signups are eligible for the draw.

Here’s a list of the prizes you will be eligible for:

· 5x tickets to The North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami.

· A brand new Audi A6.

· 5000 USD in BTC.

· 25k USD in PUX tokens.

· A lifetime free trading account.

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