Newton in India

I was wondering how Newton’s theory of gravitation would be treated by Indian politicians. Here is a short summary of what their reaction would be :-

  1. Narendra Modi :- This is a great achievement, though Brahmagupta in his interaction with Al Biruni had already referred to the attractive force of the earth.
  2. Sonia Gandhi :- We thank Newton, today is a great day for minorities and secularism.
  3. Rahul Gandhi:- It is all about RTI. It was only because of this right that Newton gathered that information.
  4. Laloo Yadav :- Dhoot boodbak. Laloo Yadav ko pehle hi pata chal gaya tha. Seb ka koi zaroorat thodi na hai. Bihane bihane sandas jaate hai to dharti me nahi naa girta hai?
  5. Mulayam Singh :- Utta Pades, Aam Khan, Akhiyesh ko bmm bmm. Sapadiyak takato ke khiaaf jeet hai.
  6. Arvind Kejriwal:- Yehi to scam hai. Who supplied him apples? Reliance Fresh. Gravity wavity kuch nahi hai jee. Sab mile huye hain.
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