The Disconnected Academic Left

This is the information age. You can also call it the misinformation age. As newer means of disseminating information have emerged in both public and private spaces, the academic elite faces a serious problem. It is disconnected from the masses, and does not have access to their thoughts.

The Academic Left has become obsessed with repeating cliches and discovering new adjectives, instead of indulging in serious fact-based discourse. It has been guilty, on many counts, in different parts of the world, of very lazy generalizations when it comes to analyzing the psyche of the masses. This is the reason why we see a disconnect between the theory which is seeped in left-wing ideological constructs and human behavior in practice.

The Academic Left has only succeeded in creating an environment, where you cannot disagree with them without being called a misogynist, a racist, a communal hate-monger, or a homphobe. It has succeeded in creating an almost religious approach to critical questions like, how much free speech can be allowed, how much of democracy is actually bad, and how much of a critique of a totalitarian philosophy is in fact, phobia of the people who believe in it. It has created safe spaces where you can pretend to put cotton-wool in your ears whenever you hear anything even minutely outside the permissible limits that they have created, and hence unpleasant.

There will always be lunatics on the far Right, and they will always espouse inhuman atrocities on anything foreign, but how does it differ from the Left’s approach to black-listing anything that does not fall into their ambit of progressivism. A lot needs to be answered.

A lot of people from the liberal space, who do not dream of conservative societies, but are fully committed to science, technology and are observant of changing realities and emerging facts, are shunning the Academic Left. They disagree that capitalism is by and large a system of oppression, rather than one that has lifted millions out of poverty. The Academic Left won’t listen to these voices, let alone hold them in some esteem because any opposition to their ideas is termed illiteracy. Challenge their economic views, and you are an economic illiterate, challenge their views on society, and you are a fear mongerer.

When gays speak against them, they think they are self-hating creatures seeking release, when well-meaning feminists speak against their militant misandry they call them patriarchial women, when people of color speak about coexisting with White people, they call it a tendency of serfdom, and so on. In India, the Academic Left wants all Hindus to be apologetic about the past, and sees Islam as a progressive influence on a perfectly dysfunctional Hindu society.

How then is the Academic Left, which at times is enamored by almost extra-terresterial laws like the Shariat but calls the judiciary which delivered marriage equality in the US the bourgeoisie , which has diametrically opposite views on referendums: satisfaction when the Scots (or Kashmiris and Delhiites) demand a referendum vote and dissatisfaction when the Brits chose their own future outside EU, and which has no compunction in supporting murderous authoritarian regimes throughout the world, a legitimate harbinger of progress?

These are genuine questions, which the Academic Left will never answer. However, they will have no problems in writing long and emotional articles on issues like Brexit, on platforms where they can feel they are safe. They would not risk going out to a larger space, where there will be people and views which are very contrarian, lest their elitist and snobbish disregard for people should be exposed.

The Academic Left has lost its capacity to confront social issues of the day, and is becoming disconnected from the masses, and as places like England show, even its one time darlings like Trade Unions. Unless it faces these issues head on, it will only have self-promoting poster-boys with high moral regard for themselves, but unacquainted with the complexities of a changing world.