How to cope up with life when you are unemployed!

Being unemployed can be a tiresome job and sometimes it can just drain you mentally. However, one needs to understand that it is just a temporary state and one should not lose the confidence amongst themselves. Again I know it’s easier to say “take care” “don’t worry” etc. but it is actually quite worse to face this situation. There is no doubt on the fact that this period is full of tension and worry, but to what extent should we allow this worry to take on your daily life and routine.

Unemployment can occur at any stage of your life, however, one gets more affected to it especially when one is just out of college. The reasons are

  1. High hopes that you have done a deep study in a particular field and you deserve to be employed.
  2. Pressure from family and peers.
  3. Seeing your friends getting jobs and nothing is coming in your favour.

Now the question comes, what should one do in this particular situation, where your mind will drain you psychologically and physically. I have seen people losing their senses and getting worried about not getting a job, ultimately starting to show the signs of depression.

There are few things you need to understand during this phase

  1. It is JUST A TEMPORARY PHASE and you will get out of it in few days or few months and it’s not going to leave your life as a waste.
  2. This maybe the last time you would have time to live with your family for months and spend a good time and create wonderful memories.
  3. Just because you haven’t been getting a job, doesn’t define your calibre or you are unfit for jobs. So I would seriously recommend you to not judge yourself based on the fact that you don’t have a job.

Here are some suggestion on how can invest your time in the best way during this phase.

  1. Fitness: Hit out the gym ASAP! This is the best time to tone up your body or to just lose that extra fat. Hitting the gym just don’t make you look good but it will also make sure you feel good and happy throughout the day because when you gym, you secret a hormone that is responsible for curbing your stress. And you know how much it is a need to control the stress during this phase.
  2. Go for a balanced diet: Again this is related to fitness, but if you can develop the healthy eating and living habits, then it may help you to live healthy over the life time and even after once you get a job. Therefore, don’t skip your meals and search google for best of your meal plans. Make sure you include enough of proteins and Omega 3 in your diet to keep yourself fit and happy!
  3. Develop your skills and hobbies: This is the best time to work on your skills and grow them stronger. Identify what you are good at or something which you always wanted to do but you couldn’t pursue because of some or the other reason.
  4. Start Reading and writing your opinions: Okay, so this might just sound you a bit boring but this could be very effective and satisfying on a long term. Writing has no boundaries and no breakthrough, you can just pen down your thoughts and write on any topic you feel like to contribute. Moreover, you can just create a blog of your own on any blogging websites and you can publish it, let the world read about your opinions and who knows how the fortune turns out for you.
  5. Join a start-up or enrol yourself for an online internship: this is the latest trend right now. Getting an online internship is just too easy, yes it’s actually easier then the job you have been searching for. The online internship will give you experience, internship experience and may become a source of earning pocket money for you. Moreover, you can also look out for the start-ups, there are plenty of them already in the market and maybe you can do an internship or join them but make sure you carry out a thorough research about your interest and future.
  6. Job Search: This is something that you must have already been doing or even if you aren’t, this is the best time to start one. Make sure you make a strategical search for your job so that you get the maximum impact on your applications. Firstly, make sure your resume looks good and it is precise as well as detailed. Keep it short but make sure it conveys the complete message about your skills, knowledge, experience and extra-curricular. There are plenty of options available on the internet about the resume formats that you can explore. Further, make sure you do a thorough grammar check as well as work on how the details are being put up. This is your marketing document that is going to make you reach towards the first stage of your application. After that identify the job website, personal contacts and online job postings to apply and make sure you do an enough follow up after your application.
  7. Create your network: Networking is something that helps you to expand your horizon that would give you long term benefits. Meet your friends, families, gym colleagues etc. and try to create personal and professional relationships with them.
  8. Volunteer: Volunteering is completely a personal choice for someone but this have the great impact at international level. Volunteering is generally considered as an empathetic skill and how much you feel in giving back to the society. Apart from these it also feels good to do a bit for other and the satisfaction you may get from here would be completely different.
  9. Relax: While you are fighting this war for jobs, don’t forget that you need to take out some time to relax as well. These are high pressuring situations and not taking breaks and enjoying would lead to adverse effects. Understand that job is just a part of life, maybe the most important part of life, but not the end of life and waiting for few months won’t do any harm in your professional career.

Therefore, make sure you enjoy and live in the moment, because this time would be something that would give you great stories to tell to your children and maybe your grandchildren and do remember that it is JUST A TEMPORARY PHASE.