Is India losing its identity?

India is the land of equality, secularism, democracy and culture. India’s culture is one of the most diverse in the world. Respecting everyone’s interests, ideas and needs has been one of the foundation stones of the country. But, India today, is a completely different story altogether. Today people are afraid of voicing their opinions. Today they take things for granted and form the opinion that nothing they can do can change this suffocation. Today they fight each other on the basis of religion, caste, and other trivial matters that once used to something special have now turned into a dirty weapon.

Historically and religiously speaking, India has always been an example for the world to be more accommodating. From Akbar preaching Sulah-i-kul to Afghans making peace and appreciating Marathas, India has a number of examples of unity and respect among different people. As Devdutt Patanaik said, “The Britishers couldn’t fathom how people of different communities can live harmoniously. They couldn’t draw parallels between Hinduism and Christianity. So they decided to destroy the harmony and create a chaos, which they then tried to harness to rule us.” This was how India was seen by the world. A shockingly harmonious land. But today that has changed. People now care about their religion more than the other human being. They now want to assert that they are greater and far superior than others. Apart from socio-political, the womens’ safety, which was never a pressing matter has now reached an all time low. In a country where women are worshipped as gods, we have ironically stooped down to raping and murdering them. This has now demanded the emergence of feminism in India. But even that has had a backlash. Emergence of Feminism has given birth to Femi-Nazis. Let me make it clear, Feminism is equal rights and opportunities for men and women, not Women should rule all. Now because of the fear of Femi-Nazis and prosecution, men have regressed and have started fearing expressing general thoughts fearing a retaliation.

But those were just in-grown problems. External factors have also had a major effect on India’s social environment. With flourishing American culture, the social expectations have drastically changed. Being the Queen Bee has become more important than being yourself. The concept of marriage has always been a sacred part of Indian culture. Be it a love marriage or arranged marriage, making it work was the prime objective (so to speak in gaming terms). But the Introduction of the disposable marriage, just for fun, has destroyed the sacredness of the affair. Just because it wasn’t fun anymore doesn’t validate a divorce. This isn’t improv comedy. The unrealistic expectations have torn our society. The concept of family has been replaced by the concept of work till you die. The expression “Americanised India or Indianised America?” has best summed up the changes. But I must admit I am being cynical. The foreign influence has given us a peek into their world. Made us strive harder to achieve something better. But the negative factors have shown their ugly side too.

India today has developed a multi-faceted image. But somewhere in between the masks we have dropped our real identity. What do you think?