Lost In Mist

Childhood is stage of life with no barrier,

Imagination comes out like a warrior.

Childhood is meant for play & study with no fear,

Still some may study but some may bring out tear.

Lucky are those who get everything they want,

Bad for those who work & live in places like haunt.

Childhood is not meant for Labour,

There tearful eyes & burnt scar ask for favour.

Way to school is far from their Sight,

Who shall tell them that this is their basic right.

People in power make law,

Still it happens in front of their jaw.

Suggestions & advices are like bell in temple,

Is it always necessary to wait for a sample ?

One stand is enough for change ,

Please you try upto your range.

Now even Modi is with you,

Good to see if it start with few.

#Bring The Change