ADdicted: Superbowl 2020 Edition

David Pullara
Jan 31 · 4 min read
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The Super Bowl can only have one winner every year, but you can have more than one winner when it comes to Super Bowl ads.

This list may be premature — since not all of the 2020 Super Bowl spots are yet available online — but here are some of the best commercials I’ve seen this year so far…

Best Use of a Recognizable Accent:
Hyundai, “Smaht Pahk”

Most Likely to Make My Wife Cry:
Google, “Loretta”

Best Ad for a Product I Can’t Buy:
New York Life, “Love Takes Action”

Ad Most Likely to Make a Difference:
Michael Bloomberg for President, “George”

Best Use of Pop Culture and Nostalgia:
Wal-Mart, “Famous Visitors”

My Favourite Spot of the 2020 Superbowl (so far):
Snickers, “#SnickersFixTheWorld”

“…the world is out of sorts, we need to fix it quicker… we’re going to fix the world, but feeding it Snickers!”

Yes, that’s an actual excerpt from the hilarious song performed in this spot. In a clear parody (homage?) to Coca-Cola’s 1971 classic “Hilltop” spot, the Snickers ad has various characters singing outrageous lyrics as they come together for an outrageous finale. And that last bit at the end? That’s comedic gold.

This is a terrific example of an “on-brand” ad with a relevant message — “fix big problems with a Snickers” — that I’m willing to bet will earn high preference and recall scores. Well done, Snickers… that was satisfying.

That’s the list so far… but I’m hoping for a few more winners during this Sunday’s Big Game. Happy Viewing!


David Pullara is a senior marketer, consultant, writer, speaker, and course facilitator for the Schulich Executive Education Center. His career to date has included roles at Starbucks, Yum! Brands (Pizza Hut), Coca-Cola, and Google. You can get his weekly email delivered to your inbox for free every Friday morning by signing up at

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