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More Gems that add IQ Points Quickly …

David Siegel
Nov 18, 2019 · 2 min read
The market for “Private sign, do not read” signs — click and see.

Can Elizabeth Warren win? I don’t think Warren or Sanders have any chance against Trump. Here’s a data scientist breaking down Warren’s odds (via the New Yorker).

The Straight Dope — what David Wineberg learned from writing 1,000 nonfiction book reviews (yes, he read the books too).

Replication Markets lets people bet on studies they think are important and will replicate. It uses the wisdom of crowds to help guide the process of funding scientific experiments. We need more skin-in-the-game incentives like this, please check it out.

How the FairTax works —two videos describing a consumption tax that replaces ALL federal taxes.

Labster — lab simulations for students. This is the kind of edtech I think may be important in the future.

The Park Diamond foldable bike helmet on Kickstarter. Named after the intersection where one of the founder’s sisters was hospitalized when she was hit by a car and not wearing a helmet. The Indiegogo project has raised over $2.8 million so far.

Alexa Answers is a site where people can volunteer to help answer questions Alexa doesn’t know the answer to. That’s a lot of questions!

The Zero-Waste Merino Wool Pullover on Kickstarter— I would buy one myself but I already have a dozen such sweaters. These are custom made to order, made by computer with zero waste. Pretty impressive. Over $131,000 raised so far. Order yours today!

Biodegradable Six-Pack Rings are the future. Saltwater Brewery is making carry rings that actually feed fish — you want these to fall into the ocean! They have eaten their own rings themselves, and they’re spinning off the technology to provide these rings for other breweries. Corona will try them. I wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes their main business.

David Siegel is a serial entrepreneur in Washington, DC. He is the founder of the Pillar Project and 2030. He is the author of The Token Handbook, Open Stanford, The Culture Deck, Climate Curious, and The Nine Act Structure. He gives speeches to audiences around the world — see his speaker page if you would like him to speak at your next event. His full body of work is at

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Provocateur, professional heretic, slayer of myths, speaker of truthiness to powerfulness, and defender of the Oxford comma.

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