Sunchokes: I May Have Solved the Fart Problem!

Helianthus tuberosus

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Image 1: H. tuberosus Flowers Growing in a Colorado Box Garden (Fall, 2017).

Helianthus tuberosus is a native American sunflower that grows substantial amounts of ginger-shaped and potato-like tubers that are seemingly esteemed by foodies everywhere on the Earth but America.

An introductory statement like that tempts your author to light the fuse, walk away, and let its explosion of truth ring in the the end credits.

NO WAY, Traveller! There is MUCH MORE.

A statement like that begs questions:

  1. How can an easy-to-grow, delicious, prebiotic, and wonderfully productive garden vegetable be so neglectfully ignored?
  2. What wind carried these tubers from behind our North American backs and into the faces of chefs around the world?

I will use the following cryptic statement to clue you in on one reason for their neglect: I have included a section on how to deliciously mitigate the notorious flatulence associated with these tubers. Naturally, those with any aversion and/or serious allergies to fart humor should avoid that section. The child within me just could not hold it in.

Today we will discuss a delicious health-promoting prebiotic food that is great for carb-counting dieters and diabetics alike. We discuss a plant used in the production of biofuel, and a high-end liquor called topinambour. Perhaps — most importantly — we will discuss a plant that people with a missing or erstwhile black gardening thumb can grow like a GOD (Priapus will blush)!

Welcome to the world of a “rare” (see “overpriced”) and misunderstood sunflower that grows delectable gourmet “potatoes.”

Welcome to the world of Helianthus tuberosus:

The Sunchoke!

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  • I am a husband, father, forager, and writer. I’ll recieve my bachelor’s degree in biology with a minor in chemistry this fall (CSU-Pueblo).

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