Answering questions that you had for a while, but were afraid to ask.

What is Pulsar Venture Capital?

Pulsar Venture Capital — is an international venture foundation of early stages and startup acceleration program.

Where are you located?

Our headquarters are in Kazan, Russia, and we have representative offices in Dublin (Ireland), Silicon Valley (US), Dubai (UAE) and Singapore.

What’s special in Pulsar VC?

The foundation will be focused on blockchain/cryptocurrency, IT, hardware and new materials. We help entrepreneurs understand the needs of their businesses, choose target markets and make decisions. Our experience and international connections help us accelerate the growth of innovations, make life easier for start-ups and prepare the ground for the next stages of product launching and adoption in the markets.

How do you help startups? How much funding do they get?

Investments help entrepreneurs to establish innovative businesses by combining initial capital and access to our reliable team of professionals who will help launch the project, expand the product line and enter the market. Initial investments of our fund range from 100 to 500 thousand dollars, and at the next stage of development expand to 500–2 million dollars. This helps projects achieve their goals and ensure their scaling.

Why will you succeed?

The success will be partly based on the International Acceleration Program, in which we will join innovations with capital on global markets, while ensuring deal-flow from our partnerts. Our program has brought attention of TechStars, 500 Startups, JFDI, GEC,NDRC, Y Combinator, FRII, Vertical VC. It’s going for more than four years and was rated as first in Russia by UBI Global.

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