Fuck the distance.

Everytime when people say to me like..
- You guys don’t even met yet.
- Don’t be serious about this relationship. You guys are so young. You still have a lot of time to search for others.
- How could you love him when you haven’t even met in a person yet?
- Why don’t you find someone who is near you?

I just don’t really know how to answer or respond those sayings.
But i just got this feeling that they do not know anything about us.
They don’t know about how we fight, how we make up.
They don’t know how hard it is for being apart from the love one.
They don’t know how hard it is to deal with these crazy timezones. 
They don’t know that we need to pay extra attention for one another cause we live in totally different places and cultures.
They don’t know about the bad and the good days we’ve spent together.

And I cannot explain these things to them. 
I cannot make them understand.
There is a bound between us. 
It’s quite special tho.
It’s the only thing that only two of us can feel and understand.

We know why we wait so long to be together.
We know why we want to do this even tho this is hard af.
We know, without explanation. 
We just know that this is it. This is what we want. This is worth it.

I know we are not together the way others do.
We’re not seeing one another everyday like others.
But we do talk about our future together.
We do talk about making plan to visit one another.
We do talk about stuff just like others do.

We are serious about this (freaking hard) relationship. 
And yes, we both know this is hard and we know what we are doing.

So please, do not judge that our relationship is less serious than yours just because we cannot choose where to live or who to love.

Fuck the distance.