How Can Parents Protect Their Children with Help of Technologies?

Let’s face this: teenagers are more tach savvy than their parents. Rise in pitch — even toddlers can manage mobile devices better than parents and especially grandparents.
Children easily browse through the Internet, play games, download applications and sometimes make unauthorized in-app purchases — and what parent will approve that?
There are applications that should be monitored by parents with special care, as they can be a source of cyberbullying and pedophilia.

1. Instagram. No children under 13 can have an account there. By default the profile is visible to the public so any picture can be seen by anyone. Firstly, change the profile visibility to private. Explain children how to block users and report images in case if someone uploaded inappropriate content.

2. Snapchat is a social media platform similar to Instagram. User takes a picture and sends it to the people from the list. The receiver can view it and after that it disappears. The app has a parents’ guide that tells: make sure that the app accepts messages from users of “My Friends” list only (you can change it in Configurations). The receiver can save the photo so do not send inappropriate pictures.

3. Tinder. It is a dating app, so minors should not be allowed to have it. The main point of the app is that it shows ‘singles’ near your location. What are the main dangers of this app? Children sometimes sign up there under false age account. Explain your children that online accounts and people in person are not the same. They should be at least 16 years old to use the app.

And explain your children that under cute photo an online predator or stalker can hide, so they should not read messages from strangers.

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