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Pumptoken’s mission is to provide blockchain-based solution For Trader. The project targets traders while exploring the potential of whales to insure and secure traders using the the blockchain technology . We intend to protect and insure traders from all possible risk while making profit and creating value


Pumptoken is building a decentralized platform on the blockchain technology by making the trading community more bearish through awareness creation, Bearish movement(Pump) , trading signal and implementation of blockchain-based services.


Pumptoken was created in february,2017 who felt the need to protect and further enlighten traders about the risk and problems associated with trading. Trading isn’t what it used to be as FA and TA hardly work .A need to create an avenue to serve as the protector and insurance of traders, trading and it’s principle was borned


The Pumptoken team will continually work to provide various use cases for the Pumptoken. The payment option for our projects will be in Pumptoken. However, our initial use cases include:

Professional Bearish Movement(Pump Service)

A Professional pump service that’s open to all traders to hire in assisting with short and long term bearish movement as the condition warrant 
 Intelligent telegram,mobile app,Sms Notification bot

A notification bot that’ll assist traders in getting signal of coins currently been accumulated, latest FA/news on each coin latest development
 Decentralised Trading Platform With Easy Token Addition

A blockchain based exchange platform where cryptocurrency trading will take place with each user having access to all private key of coins in his portfolio without the traditional of withdrawal limitation among other issue and easy token integration for all developers, idealist and trader who would love to see there token traded.

Trading Insurance

A blockchain based insurance platform that insures traders portfolio against total loss. The platform will insure and pay back all traders that subscribe for it’s service when a catastrophic event was to happen.The insurance will be open for Cryptocurrency trading, Marginal Trading, Stock Trading, Exchange Mtgox’ed and lending .




The Pumptoken project comprises of a team of highly skilled individuals with worthwhile and versatile experience in their respective fields that are dedicated in making traders more insured and protected. They uphold and share the vision of making the platform a standard hub for community members to appreciate the quintessential importance of the technology, create a unique base for investors and traders.

Greg Mountenay
 (CEO /Founder / Whale)
 Sally Tremblay
 (Head Of Marketing)
 ​Tom Pillegi
 (CTO /Trading Analyst /Whale)
 Patrick D’haeyer
 (Experience Trader/Trading Expert)
 Website: http://Pumptoken.com/

 ICO Stats

ICO STARTS: September 12,2017

Total Supply: 3,000,000

Platform: Waves


ICO Sale: 75% discount for first 200,000 tokens purchased,50% discount for the next 300,000 purchased,25% for the rest
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 Contact: contact@Pumptoken.com
 Twitter: https://twitter.com/1pumptoken
 Telegram: https://t.me/pumptoken 
 Blog: https://medium.com/@pumptoken