A new, decentralized trader’s platform called Pumptoken has raised 90%($900,000) of target in less than 10 days with 19 days left.

Pumptoken’s product is a decentralized blockchain based trading insurance that’ll cater for traders in an eventuality of any catastrophic event. We aim to help by insuring traders portolio and also providing professional.

The current success of the ICO might be connected to the month’s long bearish of the trading market with no foreseeable end in sight and little capital been raised to implement such project

The startup is part of the Green family of blockchain startups loosely based out of its Ontario office.

“This represents a sea change in how trading will operate in the future,” Pumptoken founder Greg Mountenay said in a release. Pumptoken is putting systems in place for near term exchange use cases and creating the foundation for moving all token exchange activity to a more sound and fully trustworthy infrastructure.”

If you haven’t invested, there’s a little window of opportunity before the ico closes once the target is reached.

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