Better Way to Invest in NFT You Must Know

3 min readMay 25, 2023

Buy Now Pay Later (or BNPL in short) has become a trending option for daily consumers in both Web2 and Web3 spaces. BNPL provides users with a flexible payment method for trading daily consumables, including digital assets like NFTs and PFPs. Today, NFT BNPL has caught plenty of attention and exposure because it is a win-win for both buyers and sellers.

Over 50% of transactions in traditional art auctions are paid using loans. In real life, it would be absurd to require someone to pay the full amount upfront when buying a house or a car. However, until a few months ago, purchasing an NFT required a one-time full payment.

With the improvement of Web3 infrastructure and efficiency, the user experience of NFT BNPL has become more and more user-friendly. The NFT space is rapidly growing, shifting from full payment to lending with a lower burden and repayment plan. xBank is definitely a good choice to kick off your journey to Web3.

The xBank Open Money Market allows consumers to use the NFT asset they plan to buy as collateral. They can borrow funds to complete the purchase and repay the loan with an installment plan.

Why Use xBank?

  • Consumer-friendly: Just borrow to go, with no credit approval required before lending.
  • Lower down payment: Enjoy the benefits of a lower down payment when there is good money supply.
  • Affordable interest: Benefit from fixed-term loans with reasonable interest rates. The system will match your money demands with the best offers.
  • Market price neutrality: As long as repayments are made on time, market fluctuations won’t affect consumers.
  • Capital preservation: When the market experiences sharp downturns, your payment is not fully made upfront, reducing the potential loss on capital.
  • Asset price appreciation: xBank allows you to sell your collateralized NFT assets at a premium, maximizing your potential gains from asset price appreciation.

Let’s look at an example of leveraging xBank:

Assume that yesterday you bought an NFT for 15.9 ETH, making a down payment of 13% (2.2 ETH). The remaining amount was borrowed as a loan from the xBank Open Money Market. Today, you sell the entire NFT for 16.9 ETH. The smart contract will automatically use the funds from the sale to pay off your loan, leaving you with a profit of 0.97 ETH. In this transaction, you only invested 2.2 ETH, bought the NFT through xBank BNPL, and sold it with collateral selling, resulting in a profit of 0.97 ETH.

We believe that NFTs, along with their derivatives, will become the main layer projecting our daily consumables into the Web3 space. Therefore, it is essential to lower the entry barrier for economic decisions. xBank is an open money market that makes the market accessible to those who don’t own an NFT but need to own or upgrade their assets. By boosting money demands with consumer-oriented innovations like BNPL with installments and lower down payment, xBank is paving the way.

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