Perfect Weekend

Weekends are my most awaited days. Even this blog is a leisure of the weekends. My most cherished, most simple and beautiful moments are of weekends. Its like the reward awaited towards the finishing after a heavy load of a week.

Sometimes when I tend to overlook the humble things around me , and start cribbing over the things I don’t have, I just simply remind myself of the time when it would be so difficult for me to have my own space and liberty.

The idea of being independent and free is to live life exactly as you want to. Not be run by choices of your parents, society, friends, peers or any other person. To do exactly what this moment asks of you. Weekend is that perfect window to let myself be all that I want to be and not have an inch of guilt.

Right now I have come to this hidden paradise in Chennai. Its a humble coffee shop with classic Italian furnishings , smooth white walls , vibrant paintings , books and soft country music to soothe my senses. Its Saturday afternoon, and today my idea of perfect weekend is to just laze around this coffee shop, watch the busy traffic outside the cafe flowing constantly, write this blog and taste some exotic coffee.

The weekend delight usually starts on Friday evenings. I am always up for a late night movie since you got no alarms to set for the next and the next morning ;)

What could be more relaxing and joyful than cooking some awesome meal for dinner on a Friday night!!

Its so magical that I can’t wait to get back home! ;)

Get back home , cook something you really craving to eat, experiment a bit maybe since you are a born artist ;) :D and then you are all to yourself — you , your favorite movie and the awesome dinner you just cooked. Dim the lights , a better idea would be to set up some beautiful night lamps in your room (I have created some Arabian magic in my bedroom) and enjoy this beautiful moment to yourself.

My perfect bedroom setting with lit curtains! Just love them!!

While my stay in Delhi , I would often go out for late night shows , all by myself alone. I love doing that so much. My friends would shout at me for being so reckless , since Delhi is not considered safe but that would hardly make any difference to my carefreeness.

Some of my favourite joints were Delhi Haat (INA), Odeon (CP), India Habitat Centre (Lodhi Road), the whole of Janpath and CP, Green Park, Hauz Khas.

I was staying at Connaught Place near Patel chowk station. I would always be fascinated and awestruck to the same degree whenever I would take a walk from the Rajiv Chowk station to Patel Chowk. The entire street would be strewn with dazzling brightly lit shops selling all kinds of exquisite handicrafts and antiques. You can smell the aroma coming from the shops — sandalwood, rose, floral and woody aromas to attract the onlookers passing by.

Janpath Street at dusk

Sometimes on Friday evenings while coming back from office , I would take some more time to walk by this street. Stopping by at most shops to look at their display more closely and submerge myself in their artistry.

India Habitat Centre is another such place with beautiful landscapes and boundless dimensions comprising of exhibition centre, open air auditoriums, theatres, eating joints and pubs. You almost feel as if shifted to another part of the world when you visit this place during the bone chilling winter afternoons. One of my favorite spots here is American Diners. This place serves some wonderful fresh cool beers, and the food is also sumptuous. Sitting on the high stools facing the huge glass windows with a fresh mug of beer and looking into the huge green landscapes and gardens on a soft warm afternoon during winters — you feel drifted away to some European countryside.

Delhi being the capital city of our country is abound with a variety of exquisite places — historical monuments, modern settings, old spaces moulded in new art but still breathing history — in totality its a kaleidoscope.

Chennai is a much different city. Equally beautiful and exquisite in its own different way. Here my idea of spending a perfect weekend is more personal, into myself , where the places don’t matter so much.

Even doing the simplest of things in my own way and mood is my way of enjoying weekends here. A no destination travel in the local trains of Chennai , just observing the passing diorama. Chennai being the third oldest port city of India has a lot of history imprinted in its buildings, roads and scenery. I have taken the liberty of spending my Sunday afternoons traveling all the way to Chennai Beach station in a local train and then just take a shared ride to the way ahead. The flora , the roads drift you to a different zone , it feels very similar to the suburban Goa landscape.

Colorful blue orange containers set against the clear blue backdrop of the sky. The passing buildings speak out their age — clustered colonies of buildings with flat chimneyed roofs and some with asbestos roofs with pale yellow walls with an artistic spread of deep green mosses crawling down the walls, gates bearing the heavy load of cast iron — a typical of port cities.

Old world charm in the port city of Chennai

The foundation stone of Chennai Port was laid on 15th Dec 1875. And truly the entire being of the place — buildings, roads, scenery — they all transport you back to this era. The place is heavy with the imprints of business and hustle that existed since late 1800's.

Chennai is the most unimposing city for me. It’s a 400 yr old city and the world’s 31st largest metropolitan, with its own distinct culture, language and religious practices. Its a calm , quiet city which stood by the passing frames of time , but it doesn’t infringe into your character.

To sum up my idea of a perfect weekend is doing anything that helps me connect with myself. Makes me aware of my being on this earth. To relish and drown into the surroundings, imbibe the beauty in an ineradicable memory album, love myself and everything I have in the present and find joy in doing the most simplest of work — cleaning house, cooking to my tastebuds, reading a book, listening to Rafi, writing this blog, learning a new course, walking through an unknown lane, taking a train ride to wherever it takes, spending my entire afternoon in a cafe with no where to rush next……………………….

Maybe life is not so much about achieving and hoping for the next big leap but to live your very best you can at this moment.
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