Feng Shui Your Marriage

The objective of Feng Shui is to achieve balance in all sectors of life. And the most delicately balanced relationship is that of marriage. Being delicate, it is particularly susceptible to destructive energies. So the bedroom is a major area to learn and apply Feng Shui tips for stronger marriages.

Making Room For Love

Chi, just as a ripple on a clear pool of water, rides along the surface, unimpeded and uninterrupted. This is how the energies should flow in your life. Now, visualise a ripple on the surface of a acrid, salty pool cluttered with debris. The ripple clashes, collides, and crashes into an entropy with no clear shape or form. For stronger marriages: set up positive chi by making space for it to flow; get rid of the clutter in your bedroom. Clutter turns your home into an acrid/sluggish pool of chaotic energy.

Know Your Southwest Area

Married couples should pay special attention to their southwest area. The southwest of the bedroom specifically relates to love and relationships in Feng Shui. This corner must be well lit and be free of clutter, sharp/protuding furniture, and obstacles which disrupt the flow of positive chi and stops the escape of negative chi.

Enhancing The Relationship Corner

Feng Shui teaches you about dressing and playing the part. If you seek a stronger marriage, your home should reflect a strong marriage. Dress and decorate the bedroom for success. Your bedroom should exhibit a loving union of two.

Feng Shui tips for stronger marriages will include an adherence to symmetry. Symmetry, related to marriage, is very important in Feng Shui because a marriage is the manifestation of symmetry. A woman and a man come together as one; they are two equals in a spiritual union. The symmetry is maintained by placing two night stands, one on either sides or by hanging a symmetrical artwork on the wall over the bed. Whatever you choose, be sure to maintain the principle of symmetry.

Let It Go

Married couples unknowingly build-up negative chi by holding on to objects from past lovers or choosing decor that disrupts their focus on their mate. For example, a soft toy gifted by a past lover, a piece of furniture that you shared with a past partner, or even a letter or card: all will compete in the space that is now reserved for your mate. Get rid of them.

A major principle of Feng Shui is that everything is alive and speaking. If you understand and go by this axiom then you can self evaluate not only your bedroom, but also the other parts of your home.

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