Feng Shui Yourself to Sleep

Feng Shui is a based on a complex, 3,000-year-old Chinese philosophy that guides you on the art of placement, protection, harmony, balance, and the fundamental principle that the Universal Energy (Chi) unites all matter. In Feng Shui’s energy system, all energy is interlinked, nothing happens without direct consequence to something else; free-flowing Chi or Qi if circulates smoothly has positive influence on everything in its path. Stagnant Chi or very rapidly moving Chi has a negative effect on your surroundings and well-being. Generating and channelling good Chi is a major Feng Shui goal.

People often take from Feng Shui what works best for their lives. People might find some things in Feng Shui superstitious and others good intuitive sense: simply use what feels right for you.

As per Feng Shui your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your house, this is where you sleep and rejuvenate your body. It’s your personal space; the outside world is kept away. When you walk into your bedroom you should feel a welcoming warmth: It should be serene, peaceful and inspire proper rest, privacy, and your true personality.

We spend one-third of our lives in our bedroom. Restful Sleep impacts our health and vitality, that’s why the Chi in our bedrooms should be excellent.

We can go to the extent of saying that “bedrooms have only two purposes: to recharge your battery through sleep and rejuvenate your spirit through romance.”

Here are few basic Feng Shui bedroom ideas to spice-up your ‘Bedroom Chi’:

* Placement of the bed is very important. Don’t have the foot of your bed in direct alignment with the door. This is called the “death” or “coffin” position and suggests your chi will flow straight out of the room while sleeping.

* From the bed’s headboard position you should have a full view of both the windows and the door. Place the bed against a solid wall, making sure headboards are tightly fastened to the frames. Do not place a bed directly under a low-slanting ceiling, a window, or under exposed beams, as this is thought to dilute chi by half.

* Your bed should be easily approachable from both sides. Have two bedside tables (one on each side). A good looking and well-balanced bed is very important in creating a perfect Feng Shui bedroom. So have a good mattress, a solid headboard (no metal please) and high quality sheets from natural fibers.

One very important Chi rule: Never leave beds unmade. This stagnates and erodes Chi as well as looks untidy and cluttered. It should be the very first thing to do in the morning.

* Clutter and electronic equipment can also stagnate and erode Chi-flow, so its a good idea to cover your television and computer screens with plastic covers or draped cloths (better still, take electronics out of the bedroom for a better sleep) keep the phone away and use an alarm clock, if you need one to help you wake up on time.

Before you sleep play a restful music to soothe the Chi and relax yourself.

Just as you have a morning routine, have a bedtime ritual, have a relaxing bath, play some music, lie down on your bed read a good book that would relax, not a murder mystery! Fix your bedtime and stick to it!

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