Staircase At The Main Door

The main door is said to be “The Mouth of Chi” in Feng Shui, as this is the main opening of the house, most Chi is absorbed through this.

What happens when a staircase is facing the main door directly?

From the Feng Shui prespective, it is very inauspicious to have a staircase facing your front door as it represents energy (Chi) and Wealth luck slipping down the staircase and out of the house quickly. For example, imagine that you have dropped few coins at your doorstep, the coins will just roll down the steps all the way to the bottom, this symbolises wealth pitfall.

In such a scenario, there are two factors to take note.

1. Distance between the main door and the staircase

If you have a big foyer/porch area with the staircase located further away from the door, this situation poses no problem because the energy can settle in and harmoniously flow to other areas of the house. In case the foyer or porch area is too small and the staircase is facing the main door directly, the energy will be forced to quickly rush down the stairs, so the energy will not stop or be accumulated.

2. Steepness of the stairs

If you have a steep stairs just in front of your main door, this is generally not ideal for your Feng Shui because it is a sign of loss of wealth. It will cause the Chi to gush out of the house very quickly.

Feng Shui Cures to be used to enhance and accumulate Chi for Front Door Facing Downwards Stairs

1.Place a prosperity elephant (the trunk must be facing up) or a Feng Shui Money Frog at the main entrance to absorb the lost Chi.

2. Alternatively, you can place a set of 5 Emperor coins on the door knob (inside)to neutralize the Sha-chi and invite Positive Wealth Chi.

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