The Case for Trump and Pence

This election is fraught with controversial candidates on both sides of the aisle. The Clinton campaign has been under corruption issues and is seen as a character in American politics that resembles the Frank Underwood more so than a Mr. Smith-type character. Then on the other side we have the infamous Trump ticket. He’s been bombastic and racist and sexist and everything under the umbrella of “Things you don’t want your president to be.” Yet, he’s still getting massive numbers from blue-collar and middle American voters. What are all of these people seeing that we aren’t? In this I will try to explain what I believe is the most logical case for Trump and Pence in 2016.

This isn’t going to be an easy case to make or explain. These two that are running for office have some glaring issues that will have to be taken into account before I can actually create the case for them. First we have their height. According to Google, Donald Trump is 6’2” and Pence is 5’11” which means this case is going to have to be pretty big in order to fit both of them in it. If you were thinking this could work with an iPhone case or a suitcase then you were way off on that one. In order for them both to fit comfortably it would have to be about 6’4”-6’5” in order to get them both to fit in there vertically.

Then comes the real problem, the widths of the case. No sources could find me the measurements of Trump and Pence, so I’ve been forced to round up in size in order to be safe. The case would more than likely have to be about 4.5’-5’ wide. Even with that size there is still reason to believe that they may not be able to fit in that width, because we can’t find any actual numbers on these men.

Now there you have it. A case that can (more than likely) fit Trump and Pence in it, maybe even with some room to spare! What you/they would do with this case isn’t up to me, or of any interest to me but that is the approximate size it would need to be.

Thank you.