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Track Review:

Lukas Graham blends rock with R&B and zests it up with pop-rocks. “7 Years” made appearance on the radio a few weeks ago, but Graham’s second track available on his debut self-titled album also moves the listener. Invoking a riff — and orphans — from a childhood favorite movie Annie, Graham uses youthful voices to discuss not the orphaned but the poor. They say, “When mama said that it was okay / Mama said that it was quite alright / Our kind of people had a bed for the night / And it was okay / Mama told us we were good kids /And daddy told us never listen to the ones / Pointing nasty fingers and making fun / ’Cause we were good kids.” As one ages and life develops, new friends feel that they can relate. However, Graham notes that old friends are more reliable because they remember where a person came from, carrying inherent lessons for life. Graham said, “An old friend can give advice / Where new friends only know a half story.” For a friend to truly understand one’s actions, they need to relate to one’s motivation. New friends may never understand old lessons learned through experience.

Album Release:

Lukas Graham is expected to release on 1 April 2016. The debut album is available for pre-order on iTunes. Currently available for purchase are tracks “7 Years,” “Mama Said,” and “You’re Not There.”

Tour Dates:

SongKick notes Lukas Graham to have 30 concerts scheduled for 2016. His next show is only twelve days away, click HERE for information and to purchase tickets.

Shout to Sources: iTunes, YouTube, SongKick

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