We had a rough start with 2016, we barely had time to fulfill our resolutions list and we were all shaken up with Alan Rickman and David Bowie leaving a punch hole in our hearts.
 But we always have Kanye to warm up our hearts with all the Kanye love for Kanye. First with that sweet tweet about how Waves (the record formerly known as Swish) is the best album of all time. Because Ye.

Then, yesterday, he got all mad and ranty on Twitter over Wiz Khalifa talking about how the record should be called Swish. Basically, no one had anything going on yesterday.

Wiz taunts Kanye, Yeezus loses it and then Amber Rose chimed in and we got the best hashtag of the year so far: #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch

Except that the internet, ever so creative, came up with this gem #KanyeAnalPlaylist. Oh, so good! And everything was right in the universe again.

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