Megadeth–The Threat is Real

The guitar is chugging on track; the drums are pulverizing the earth; and Orwellian platitudes are filling the air. Praise the thrash gods! It looks like we might have our old Megadeth back. Or something like it.

“The Threat is Real” is one of three singles so far released from the upcoming fifteenth studio album, Dystopia. The track opens with a wide shot of any Middle Eastern city. Once the song moves past that unforgivable cliché — complete with distant machine gun fire and call-to-prayer — it rips into a tappy shred that would make 90’s Dave Mustaine proud. From then on it’s the same rusty, iron roller coaster that made us pull the ’92 Chevy Lumina to the side of the road so we could headbang the shit out of the 3rd solo in “Five Magics.” Or, again, something like it.

If you carefully dissected and spliced the first three taste of Dystopia, you’d be lucky to come up with anything close to Rust in Peace but it’s leagues better than whatever they’ve been doing since Euthanasia. It is a shadow of a formula that hasn’t been used since Megadeth’s heyday and it’s certainly to be appreciated, yet somehow it lacks the full effect. For the more sinister thrash gods like Testament and Slayer, the formula always seems to work. Metallica and Megadeth must have lost an important Post-It Note or forgot to write something down along the way. It’s probably due to their courage to experiment with their own sound — to attempt something that hasn’t been attempted. It’s commendable — even admirable. Good for them. Bad for us.

Give it a listen and try to stay positive. The singles are potentially the overture to a masterpiece. Or something like it.

Dystopia is planned to be released January 22nd 2016 via Universal. Produced by Dave Mustaine and Toby Wright.

Davis Van Luven

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