Punctuation corrector for essay — human vs. auto

Are you looking to have someone run a quick eye on your essay for possible grammar issues? Are you worried that your essay may not be punctuated the right way, well many students are just like you and in most cases, they have two options to ensure their essays are indeed the best. Punctuation has become easy to check with the rise of auto punctuation corrector tools but would you rather use a human to correct these errors for you? What are the main pros or cons of using any of these options and as a student, how do you choose the right one? Here are some points to note:

Human checking — professional proofreading is a traditional way of checking for punctuation but the biggest problem here is that humans can never be 100% accurate. However, don’t just throw way the idea of using a human correct punctuation checker yet. Professional proofreading companies have since developed comprehensive technologies that can be used in conjunction with human proofreaders to ensure the final document has no error. However, you may need to wait a few hours for the proofreader to finish up with the task.

Use auto corrector — the use of an auto corrector has one big advantage, it is fast. In other words, in cases where a human will need an hour to correct punctuation, an auto corrector will be done and over with it in just a few minutes. Speed is very important when it comes to grammar checking and this is what you get with auto checkers. The only problem with this is that you can never be too sure the correction is effective.

A sentence punctuation checker combined with a human touch is the best solution to grammar check and you can be sure there is more to gain from this than anything else.


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