2018 New Year Resolutions

As I write this post, a brand new 2018 awaits me. For the past few years, each year has been presenting me a somewhat spilled over tasks from the previous year. While the optimist in me disagrees with this, thanks to the ebb that 2017 has been, I have very few tasks to carry forward into the new year, presenting me with a somewhat empty 2018 slate for me to fill in.

While I do have a few financial responsibilities to take care of, and await a major life changing decision this January end, I see this year beginning as an excellent opportunity for me to get started with a few personal academic goals and get my personal self, some much needed discipline.

I thus resolve and dedicate 2018 to master the art of Self-Discipline.

On academic front, I resolve to read on average a paper each weekday, and write a short post about it every night. This would involve setting up a suitable channel for it. Most likely I will write a short follow up post linking it to suitable resources I thus create to facilitate it. There is a long pending list of must read Discrete Choice models I need to read. Another newly found interest of mine is Operations Research. As I progress through these, I would love to eventually explore and get myself introduced to concepts in Economic Dynamics for the longer run. The exercise would allow me to read 260 papers in this fashion. The literature is vast, so this would demand some careful organization. At ~6 hours/paper, including the time to write a short post about it, this would account for an effort of about 1560 hours over the year.

On personal front, over 2017, I have accumulated some considerable levels of Body fat. For the month of January I aim to target a somewhat aggressive discipline over my diet, and hopefully get rid of some of it. Followed by which I intend to atleast maintain an average of 10,000 steps/day. Towards the end of last year I bought myself a fitbit to help me accomplish this task. I seek to stay active this year, thus utilizing my 150$ spend. For all the things, I seek to cut my Carb intake this year majorly and increase my protein intake.

Last but not the least, 2017 presented me with some considerable financial challenges. While this is not a suitable place to discuss my financials, my situation constrains me to a very tight budget at-least for the first half of the year. This implies that I will not be spending on unnecessary luxuries and holidays for the said period. No more impulse purchases on Amazon, Costco, Whole foods and more importantly Uber. No more room for spends being a nice person. Financial Objectivity and discipline is of utmost importance. Being a miser helps in the long run.

Time is a very precious resource. As I reach 29 years of age, I have very few years left to work, free from more adult responsibilities that come with time. For 2018, Investing time wisely is of utmost importance. There is no more time to spare for comfort and relaxation. I can subject my body to a little more stress and the situations call for the necessary trade-offs to be made. No more 10 hour sleep-morning routine cycles. A short efficient brainless morning routine needs to be set. And early to rise awakens to a new age.

I consider 2017 to be some of the most depressing time of my life. I tend to over-think a lot, pamper my emotions. This year, time efficiency and financial constraints spare me no room for such indulgences. Besides, it is a healthy way to stay away from the depressing chains of thoughts. Experience the joy of creating new things. Live like a creative and carefree human you were in 2013–2014.

Have blast and live every moment of this new year. Wishing you the best for 2018.


Darshan Pandit from 2017.