Strengthen your friendship with PuneCakeShop

As we grow up, we tend to get so busy with work and daily life that friends are left behind. But deep inside we know and have always been taught “friends are forever”! You might get apart due to varying fields or for being in an altogether different city for work related matters but good memories and special occasions would always keep you connected.

We give you the reasons as well as the ways to stay connected and let the friendship grow better with each passing year:

Send gifts: There is a feeling of being forgotten by friends once me move to professional life but a surprise gift on birthday could do wonders. For this you don’t even need to go out and wander in different shops, just visit Pune Cake Shop combo section on, pick your desired combo and get it delivered to your friend’s place.

Remember Birthdays: After completing schooling, there are left rare occasions when you could meet up a friend or get in touch. Remembering birthdays and wishing them is one thing that could make them happy. You could call them up or wish them via Facebook or Whatsapp.

Plan a reunion- Because you never had just one friend, so planning a reunion could be a great way of meeting all the school friends and cherishing the old happy days.

Stay connected through group chats-Forming a Facebook or whatsapp group is a great way of staying in touch as well as updated about your friends.

Don’t let growing up diminish the kid inside you who longs for friendship and love. And for all your requirements of gifts and cakes in pune, Pune Cake Shop is at your service.