6 reasons why you need an Indoor air purifier

If snoring and sneezing have become a regular phenomenon for you, a home air purifier is what you need. Pollutants are harmful contaminants in the air; thus, indoor air pollution is when various pollutants from gases and particles contaminate the air indoors. Indoor air pollution is a dangerous threat for humans because indoor atmosphere is much more concentrated with pollutants as compared to the outdoor atmosphere. About 2.2 million deaths each year take place because of indoor air pollution in India. There are wide-range of sources of indoor air pollution. Even after all this, the good thing is that you can always buy an air purifier to intoxicate the air at your home. You might also consider the following points, which will help you make a decision whether you should buy an air purifier, or not:

1) You have children or you are about to have them at your home

There is no doubt in the fact that a newborn baby’s body is much more sensitive and exposed to air borne diseases than our body. Keeping them safe at this age is very important and not just them, but the mother as well after she has conceived because it causes an equal threat of exposure to the baby. A baby has low immunity and can be easily exposed to cancerous air borne particles. Children are also too young to take care of themselves and might touch, use or even eat things that may be too dangerous for them and cause long-term repercussions. A efficient air purifier can act as optimus prime for your children’s health.

2) You have a senior citizen at your home

At an age above 60 years your body doesn’t function as efficiently as it used to be. Your immunity reduces and thus you have to be very careful about the air you breathe. A flow of constant and clean atmosphere is as important as having a balanced diet. It promotes long living and a healthy lifestyle. Thus a purifier is quite important for your children.

3) You suffer from allergies

Do you know? 20–30% of Indian population suffers from allergies. Dust, contaminants and anti-oxidant allergies are very common and lead to problems like cold, cough and sneezing. Room air purifier in India is a very recent concept but is taking a leap. Clean atmosphere will not only save you from allergies but a lot of other bacteria and viruses as well.

4) You have a pet at your home

Pets with furs and feathers are a major contributor to indoor air pollution. A lot of people tend to get allergies to the proteins in the saliva, feces, urine, and sweat of pets. The pet dander is the main culprit. You might think of removing pets from your home permanently, or at least your bedroom, but that doesn’t sounds like a good solution. You might plan to get a Home air purifier and keep your surrounding clean, avoid furs and feathers.

5) Your home is near a highly polluted region

A home near market, industry, factory or a main road might give you a lot of convenience, high property rate hikes but everything in this world comes with a PRICE, same is the case with these locations. Traffic, dust & industrial pollutants generate very thin and fine particles, which can penetrate inside our body. An air purifier for home is all you need to fight them and save yourself from air borne diseases.

6) You or any member in your family are passive or active smokers

Do you know? Smoking releases 4000 harmful chemical compounds and 11 known human carcinogenic components that can adversely affect your body. Only an effective air purifier can actively fight these components and make your surrounding clean and fresh to breathe.

We have given you not just one or two but six strong reasons why you need a purifier today at your home. Indoors Air purifiers with Mosquito trap technology protects from mosquito borne diseases and also clean the atmosphere by removing dust, pollutants, allergens, contaminants, smoke, bacteria, etc. Due to an ever-growing increase in air borne diseases, air purifiers are now in high demand.

One should also be careful while buying air purifier. It should be bought with research. Air purifier, a basic necessity among every household should be purchased with great knowledge. Today companies like SHARP are using latest technologies for more effective cleaning of air.